It is an interesting thought by the late Japanese theologian Kosuke Koyama. From: No Handle on the Cross

Chronology cannot contain the event of resurrection as paper cannot contain fire. The New Testament does not describe how Jesus was raised. The resurrection of Jesus Christ must be a new experience for time!…Time must stop, for it does not know how to behave at this great mystery…The risen Lord means, then, the coming of the new time, the new order, the new covenant, and the new humanity. The risen mind is the mind…captivated by the presence of the new quality of time within this history of ours. It is, then, an extremely unusual mind which sees time in the light of Jesus Christ crucified and risen. It is the mind of faith. It works with the discernment of faith and sees what is not visible and believes what is impossible.

I like the metaphoric interpretation of this. I’m not sure there is any basis for a literal interpretation. If so, then how was the image formed? No transforming process can take place in the absence of time.

Hat tip: Is God Anonymous?: Chronology