Chidambaram Ramesh comments from India. According to Self Publishing Review:

Chidambaram Ramesh is a freelance researcher, writer and social activist. He is currently working to re-discover and restore many forgotten ancient and medieval sciences by eliciting their importance for contemporary science. His first book entitled “The Shroud of Turin: An imprint of the Soul, Apparition, or Quantum Bio-Hologram” proposes for the first time quantum holographic idea to explain the causes of mysterious image on the Turin Shroud. His next book is on Clairvoyance (Anjanam-Gazing) and quantum holographic connections. He is a Guinness World Record holder for having had the largest number of letters to the editor published in a single national newspaper in a year.

He writes:

Dr.Petrus Soons has been kind enough to send me a lenticular and 3-D image of the Shroud. My discussions with him through e-mails convince me that the 3-Dimensional image made by him is a photographic creation.

Why? Can you share with us why you are convinced? I would not, of course, ask you to betray a confidence, but there are a lot people who are not convinced. And I’m from Missouri, the Show Me state:

Still, I must make a point here. There have been theories that the Shroud image itself formed out a quantum hologram (analogous to what Dr.Johnson described as a Man transparent to the environment)! My ensuing book “The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition, or Quantum Bio-Hologram” (proposed to be released in a fortnight) proposes that the Shroud image is indeed an imprint of the Quantum Self. It is not a mere theory. A plethora of concrete evidences has been drawn from the ancient alchemical science of palingenesis (that is resuscitating 3-D spectral plants from their ashes) and natural magic (showing house full of snake images in 3-D). The theory is simple but sound: Bio-matters of all organisms, even if consumed to ashes, retain the selfsame form and figure of the parent organism. The science behind such extraordinary quality is quantum holography. Each part of the body molecule or cell may encode information for the whole body .This fact has been successfully proven by various experiments in cloning by reconstructing the whole body from a single cell. These subtle holographic energy fields or patterns are the templates or blueprints for the physical body to guide its growth and development.

I’m from Missouri.

Dr. Benford, (also a Shroud researcher who discovered the French weave patch which misrepresented the Shroud in the C-14 dating results) in her paper, “Empirical Evidence Supporting Macro-Scale Quantum Holography in Non-Local Effects”, attributes the reason to quantum hologram as follows:

‘One theory is that the test object contains a complete quantum hologram that can affect optical systems and, under the right conditions produce a holographic-like image. To make a hologram, two optical waves are needed: a reference wave and an object wave. These two waves make a 3D holographic image by creating an interference pattern frozen in space-time. Both waves are spatially and temporally coherent at the moment of creation, then separated. The object wave is directed towards the object and it experiences intensity changes and phase-shifts. Normal 2D photographs record only the intensity changes of the object wave and not the phase-shifts. However, when a reference wave is directed back towards the emitted object wave, an interference pattern is created, that records the phase-shifts of the object wave relating to the reference wave. These phase-shifts are what produce the apparent freezing in space-time of the object’s 3D image.’

Thus the quantum science will explain the centuries-old mysteries wrapping the Turin Shroud soon.

I look forward to reading and perhaps reviewing your book. And, remember, I’m from Missouri.