He writes:

image Scientific methods do not need to be explained to the public to be considered legitimate. Governments and businesses regularly keep such things secret to their advantage. If Petrus Soons wishes to do so, that is his business. He doesn’t need to tell you what software he is using. He doesn’t need to itemize adjustments. He doesn’t need to explain anything to you for it to be scientific.

This is not a weapons system, nor a trade secret. This is an image produced from an image of the Shroud of Turin. Isn’t this about credibility? Why not, like with most other scientific endeavors in the area of Shroud science, publish a peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal? Let other scientists confirm the methods.

Imagine if this was peer reviewed. It would be the most significant step forward in explaining and demonstrating the 3D qualities of the Shroud images. I would love that. In the meantime, I stand by my questions. I encourage caution in making too much out the unquestionably awesome 3D images until we have some answers.