Jerome Corsi, author of The Shroud Codex, is reporting in World Net Daily:

Scientists are building the case that the image of a crucified man on the Shroud of Turin was created by radiation that emanated from the body itself, a theory remarkably supportive of the traditional resurrection account that is central to Christian theology.

A scientific paper co-authored by attorney and historian Mark Antonacci and physicist Arthur Lind argues that the image of the crucified man in Shroud of Turin might constitute what amounts to a photograph taken at the instant Jesus’ body transformed as he rose from the dead.

In the paper, "Particle Radiation from the Body," Antonacci’s and Lind’s argument centers around the 29 unique or unusual features that scientists over the past four decades have found on the Shroud’s body image and fiber.

Keep in mind that some serious scientists who think the Shroud may be authentic have  had some real concerns about whether or not the image could have been formed by radiation. Keeping that in mind, read the full article: Shroud a ‘radiation photo’ of resurrection?