A Must See: Shroud of Turin (Material Evidence) on Veoh

If you haven’t installed the Veoh viewer, you need to do that. Just follow the instructions here.  Then go back to the same link to see the full video. It will take five minutes but it is worth it to watch this full 59 minute video.

From the site:

Shroud of Turin (Material Evidence)

2008 saw the 20th anniversary of the Carbon 14 dating of the Shroud of Turin that pointed to the most famous relic in Christendom as (most likely) a medieval forgery. But since then, despite many attempts, no one has been able to determine who the forger was or how the forgery might have been done. This documentary sets out to discover exactly what it is about the image on the Shroud of Turin that has defied imitation and explores new evidence that may challenge the Carbon 14 verdict.

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One thought on “A Must See: Shroud of Turin (Material Evidence) on Veoh”

  1. It’s worth watching nevertheless I guess it focused too much on Dr Jackson’s theory on flawed radiocarbon tests allegedly by enrichment with new C14 atoms from carbon monoxide produced in 1532 Chambery’s fire.
    As far as I remember there was no mention of Sue Benford and Joe Marino’s work or Professor Raymond Rogers studies.
    BBC has released a good Shroud documentary but newer documentaries such as Unwrapping the Shroud and The Real Face of Jesus provide more reliable scientific information.


    Maria da Glória

    Centro Português de Sindonologia

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