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Dr. Steve Wunschel, a Modesto urologist, went to see the shroud with his wife, Beka, and their two daughters, Madeline and Liza. They had planned to be in Italy but didn’t know about the shroud exhibit until their pastor, the Rev. Joseph Illo of St. Joseph’s Church, told them about it and offered to get them tickets.

Illo spent nine months in Italy on a study leave and, along with other priests in Italy, had been asked by the Vatican to spend time in Torino hearing confessions for the 2 million people who showed up to see the shroud. This was only the fifth public exposition of the shroud since 1898 and the longest in its modern history.

Illo saw the shroud three times, including one memorable, private moment with only two other priests in the church.

Merilyn Copland, an Old Testament, history and archaeology professor at William Jessup University in Rocklin, was in Modesto last week to give a seminar on the top 10 discoveries in biblical archaeology. The shroud is one of those, and although she hasn’t seen it, she has seen a bronze statue made from the cloth’s measurements and markings. The bronze figure is on display in Jerusalem.

Last week, the Wunschels, Illo and Copland shared with The Bee their experiences and beliefs regarding the shroud:


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