Press Release from Performance Films: New Shroud DVD from David Rolfe

Performance Films are pleased to announce the successful delivery of their new film made at the request of the Committee for the Exposition of the Shroud of Turin commencing April 10th 2010 for 6 weeks.

The 45minute film (available in HD and DVD) is simply entitled “Shroud” and tells the stories that new discoveries have revealed. New historical discoveries show how the Shroud first heard of in the gospels came to arrive in Turin via the ancient city of Edessa and Constantinople It is a fascinating journey. The writer is Ian Wilson, author of the newly published book by Bantam of the same name.

A centrepiece of the film is a new visual analysis of the images that reveals the full extent of the 3D information that is encoded in the image. Producer and director, David Rolfe, said, “We have kept faith with the information on the cloth to produce a digitally sculpted representation. The new and persuasive scientific and historical research presented in the film makes it more than likely that what we are looking at here is an accurate depiction of Christ laid out in death.”

Rolfe won a BAFTA for his first film on the Subject – The Silent Witness in 1978. In 2008 he brought things more uptodate with a film for the BBC and sold internationally presented by Rageh Omaar. Turin granted Performance Films the exclusive privilege of new filming of the cloth in HD.

The film is available in Turin on DVD and soon as a download from and Amazon.

A broadcast quality video clip of the 3D image of the Man in the Shroud is available by download as well as still images. Please contact Performance Films for more information.

Available in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Tel: 01494 678484 or 07831 335577.

Issued: 10:00am 07/04/2010 (April 7, 2010)

3 thoughts on “Press Release from Performance Films: New Shroud DVD from David Rolfe”

    1. Ronda Chervin; go to, OR try History Channel. Don’t buy from the UK, it won’t play in your USA DVD player.

  1. I´ve bought the DVD Shroud when I visited Museum della Sindone (Shroud Museum in Turin) during a pilgrimage to Shroud Exhibit May 15.
    I consider it a very interesting documentary providing the viewers recent and reliable historic and scientific information on the subject nevertheless it contains some unforgivable inaccuracies such as the kind of cross where the Man of the Shroud was crucified and besides it is shown a «crown of thorns» piercing His head.
    This is misleading information because forensic studies point rather to a kind of torture device like a helmet made of thorny plants.
    This is an important clue to discard artistic rendition of the Shroud because as far as I know there are no medieval or renaissance Jesus paintings or sculptures with a helmet of thorns.
    For those who seek recent and accurate information I recommend to watch it.

    best regards

    Maria da Glória

    Centro Português de Sindonologia

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