No Joke: An iPhone Shroud of Turin Application at Apple’s Online Store


No, we are not kidding; you can download a Shroud of Turin iPhone application developed by and Intermundia. It is being offered to the public by Apple at their iPhone and iPad Application Store. It is called iSindone. It provides dozens of YouTube videos, articles about the Shroud and a high-resolution photograph of the Holy Shroud with scroll and finger-zoom function. There are helpful details for seeing the Shroud between April 10 and May 23 and a special section on Benedict XVI’s planned visit on May 2nd. I downloaded it to my iPhone. All I can say at this point is that it works.

2 thoughts on “No Joke: An iPhone Shroud of Turin Application at Apple’s Online Store”

  1. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. I hope the pope changes his mind and does not visit the shroud given the current scandal. It will only become a media circus and a hurtful distraction.

  2. Ellen, please do not fall pray to the agenda of those against the Church and christianity in general, have a read and see how the ‘scandal’ is being manufactured and sustained:

    The major players in this attack continue to fabricate and twist facts in order to create the picture they want you to see.

    I for one am thrilled that the media which hates christianity feels so threatend by this pope that they need to go to such lengths – he must be doing something right I take it :)

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