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image It’d been another long night. Yes, my passion was in this. Yes, I’d do it for free if I had other means of support. But after a string of nights seeing the dawn peaking through the lab window, I was getting hinky. I was irritated and short tempered.

Charlie, my partner in business and science, my friend for over 15 years, slid his chair back from his microscope and exhaled sharply. “I’ve isolated complete DNA strands from the Shroud of Turin.”

A pet project, Charlie had been intrigued by mysticism, religion and science over the centuries, and their effects on popular culture. Recently he’d gotten permission from the Vatican to sample a bit of the fabric of the Shroud of Turin. Not new material, but leftover material from the 80s when an attempt had been made to determine the age of the cloth. The results of the original test where that the shroud was no more than twelve to fifteen hundred years old, much too young to have been Jesus’s own burial cloth. The technology had been primitive to today’s digital microscopic standards, and Charlie insisted modern carbon dating put the date of the cloth at between 400 BC and 200 AD. Quite a difference.

"Say again?"

. . .

I’m not sure how long we stared at each other, but for two insecure scientists to look each other in the eye for anything more than a second was unusual.

"Charlie, are you telling me you think we have the DNA of Jesus?"

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