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I’ve been thinking of talking more with you; talk about subjects besides my creative work. Hence, I thought I would devote this section to our generic chit-chat.

As a beginning, I want to talk about the ‘Shroud of Turin’. A few days back, I was watching History-Channel, and it was showing about the current researches being done on this highly controversial artifact.

The linen cloth bears the image of a man who was crucified, and the imagery is quite in sync with Jesus’s crucifixion.

There has been a lot of debate about whether this was actually the cloth, in which Jesus was buried, or if it was someone else or perhaps if it’s just a hoax. Carbon 14 dating was done to verify the time of the linen cloth, and it was found that the cloth was from Middle Ages, ie about 1300 years after Jesus’s death. This dampened the believers’ spirit. But a follow up research, proved that the sample cloth chosen initially was a bad one because the cloth had been repaired in Middle Ages. The cloth also survived fire, and hence could have radiocarbon content indicating towards wrong age.

Some people still believe that Turin’s shroud is a proof of Jesus’s sacrifice for the mankind. The others do not.

I believe that it doesn’t matter whether the shroud is actual or not. Even if it’s not real, if it can bring some kindness and peace to today’s human race, then there is no harm believing in it. If it can bring out goodness in today’s world, then there is no harm worshipping it. The power of belief and faith can do wonders. After all, isn’t this what religion is all about?

I don’t agree with everything said here, but I like the general tone.