RoyalBeatz07 thinks he has it figured out.

So the choices are simple, 1) Jesus Christ is the image on the Shroud of Turin and is left-handed! 2) Jesus Christ is the image on the Shroud and was desecrated by his followers! 3) Left-hander Leonardo Da Vinci is the image on the Shroud and he posed naturally. 4) A left-handed unknown individual is the image on the Shroud. 5) The experts can’t tell which side is the up side of the Shroud. Isn’t it interesting that a left-hander noticed it? When all the experts have looked at it, and run out of ideas, then it’s time for a left-hander to look at it. We see things that right-handers miss.

There is also the possibility that contrary to what RoyalBeatz07 thinks, Jesus’ followers accidentally put his left hand over his right even if (and this is arguable and speculative) it was the wrong thing to do. Filed under something to think about someday.