Video recordings, I am told, will be available soon:

osulogo Experts from around the world converged on the campus of The Ohio State University at the Blackwell Inn and Conference Center to discuss various topics. Among numerous speakers, the cumulative consensus favors authenticity which was further bolstered by a major press announcement involving scientists from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory confirming the work of Ray Rogers. In 2005, chemist Ray Rogers published in a peer reviewed scientific journal a paper officially challenging the carbon-14 dating done in 1988. In the paper, he demonstrated that the sample corner cut for dating was not the same as the rest of the Shroud, indicating that it was most likely a repair done in the medieval ages. Upon even further scientific work using other thread samples from the same area, the scientists at Los Alamos concurred with Rogers’ findings.

Link to audio recordings: Shroud University – Exploring the Mystery Since 33 A.D.

FEATURED Robert Villarreal of the Los Alamos National Laboratory on why the carbon 14 dating is invalid