LANL: The Rest of the Story blog alerts us to the fact that Society and Religion had to change the headline of their posting of the press release that came out of the Ohio State University Shroud of Turin Conference

  • from: Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist brands Shroud of Turin as medieval fake
  • to: New findings reveal that the sample used to carbon-date the Shroud of Turin was not the original linen

Do you wonder if they read the press release before inventing a headline? To their credit they acknowledge the error.

Here is the first comment they received:

Your headline is 180 degrees from the truth — absolutely wrong! The Los Alamos scientist, Robert Villarreal, did not say the Turin Shroud is a medieval fake. On the contrary, he said the sample of cloth used in the l988 radiocarbon testing was cotton and could not have come from the Shroud, which is pure linen. Therefore, he said, the 1988 C-14 testing, which ostensibly showed the Shroud as of medieval origin, was in error and based on a fake sample. Please correct your headline.

Hat tip to LANL: The Rest of the Story