The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.
Blaise Pascal

I often cheat when reading new papers. I like to jump to the conclusion, even the last paragraph of the conclusion, think about it, and only then go back and read the entire paper. I did so with Joe Marino’s new paper, The Shroud of Turin: a Matter of Clear Evidence or a Subtle Sign?

This is Joe’s final paragraph. But do read the entire paper:

Given that Jesus stressed the importance of faith, that he taught in parables and through signs, and that there has never been a knock-down proof of the truth of Christianity, it is unreasonable to believe or assert that the Shroud could be proof of the Resurrection. But as the quotes cited in this article express, it can speak in multiple ways to our hearts, which can be more persuasive than evidence and proofs.

Well said, Joe.