A cloth of mystery, ancient and worn
The Shroud of Turin, a tale to be born
A relic of Christ, or a masterful fake
The debate continues, with no clear take

Some say the image is that of a man
Crucified, beaten, and beaten again
The wounds, the blood, all etched with such care
A true representation, beyond compare

Others claim it’s a medieval forgery
A clever deception, meant to mislead and hurry
Carbon dating, tests, and scrutiny too
Have cast doubt on its authenticity, true

But still it remains, a symbol of faith
For those who believe, a powerful wraith
A reminder of sacrifice, love, and grace
The Shroud of Turin, a treasure in its place

By ChatGPT in less than two seconds
with only this request to the machine:
“Please write a poem about the Shroud of Turin.”