Specifically, Ultraviolet fluorescent detection of elevated bilirubin in dried blood serum by Kelly P Kearse, just published on September 23, 2022, in the Journal of Forensic Science and Research (Open Access). The summary reads:

Increased levels of bilirubin in blood serum may result from numerous physical conditions including hepatitis, cirrhosis, enzyme defi ciency, drug reactions, autoimmune disorders and physiological trauma. No presumptive test for high bilirubin levels in blood serum stains currently exists, which could prove useful in the assessment of crime scenes involving victims with one of the above disorders. Here, the use of ultraviolet 365 (UV 365) is described as a simple, nondestructive method for the detection of blood serum containing elevated levels of bilirubin.

Dr, Kearse has been a significant Shroud researcher for many years.

Hat tip to Joe Marino