Toad sent me an email today. I’ve told you about Toad before but you may not remember or you may not have been around when I discussed him. Toad never comments in the blog but sends many, many emails. At least he used to. Toad is my nickname for him: Ten Opinions A Day. But he hasn’t lived up to his name, recently. Today, however, he wanted to know if I thought that all the guess-ta-mating and talk about radiation was scaring people away from the Shroud.

Maybe scaring is the wrong word. Driving away, maybe?

I think Toad has been reading Here be Dragons over at Hugh Farey’s The Medieval Shroud blog. It’s a great posting by Hugh that should be read by everyone interested in the Shroud.

Here is my answer to Toad: I don’t know about others, but if I was just finding out about the Shroud of Turin for the first time, I’d be fast-walking towards the nearest exit. I know that many of you who read this blog feel differently. I understand.

These days my thinking is this: 1) The image is implausibly natural, 2) somehow manmade, or 3) though it makes little sense, totally miraculous without any help from nature. Anyway, that is what I think. I can’t imagine anything proposed by Bob Rucker, John Jackson or Mark Antonacci.