– spectacular new website of Vernon Miller’s photographs

Bravo. Well done!

The website:

An amazing, well-organized collection of Vernon D. Miller’s 1978 photographs of the Shroud of Turin. The photographs are zoomable and scrollable in your browser (I tested with Chrome and Windows Edge). Easy download buttons are provided for all the photographs, presumably, so you can get the best resolution available for each photo.


I tested the download buttons with Chrome.  It worked well.  I have not analyzed the images for resolution.  But with a bit of two-finger stretching on my iPad, I’m guessing it is knock-your-socks-off great.

schematicNotes accompany the photographs. For instance, for the exhibit partially shown here, we find the following description. Of course, your interpretations might be different:

Image 001 (Section 1A)

DESCRIPTION: The Descriptive Photo is the Shroud cloth that is accompanied by a description of the visible marks seen on the cloth.
IMAGE: Full image
OTHER: Description

For another photograph, we find something like this with film, lens and shutter details.

Image 005 (Section 1B)

PHOTOGRAPHY INFO: TRI-X copies of Mosaic 048 f/16.5 at 1 sec (Fui N M) (2.9 f pm Gamma .95) (notches in film)
IMAGE: Full image
OTHER: Mosaic

From the about page because it is important:

License for Photos

The opportunity of accessing photos from this website carries the obligation to follow the license agreement HERE. Essentially these high quality photos are available to you but they must not be placed on any website without prior written permission; they may be used for other purposes as stated in the license. In downloading any of these photos, the license should be adhered to and credit for these photos should be clearly displayed in the following manner:

“@ Vernon Miller, 1978. No unauthorized reproduction of Material on other Websites is allowed without prior written permission from the copyright holder. Original photos are available for free at”.

The License above applies only to the photos on the website. The copyright holder for the website and its text, is D’Muhala and Lavoie Trust, 2018, All Rights Reserved. No part of this website, except as otherwise herein stated in ‘the license’, can be copied without written permission from the copyright holder.

(Also see the article at Catholic News Agency website dated April 11, 2019 )

5 thoughts on “ – spectacular new website of Vernon Miller’s photographs”

  1. This is truly a step forward, and explains several anomalies which I have been trying to resolve for literally years. Back at the St Louis conference, for example, and the alleged UV photo of the ‘radiocarbon corner’, which I denied, because it does not appear at all in the published papers on the subject. Barrie and Giulio assured me that it was a UV photo, but didn’t seem to know where it had come from or who had taken it. Now all is revealed.

    And that’s just the start. It will take a while to study them, but I think they will give us lots to talk about!

    1. These are the images i sent you Hugh, i thought i would save people the trouble of downloading all 210 of them lol, it took me a while.

  2. You can download the image’s also. They only ask that you follow the copyright notice on their website. I grabbed all 210 photo’s.

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