Raymond Arroyo’s Special Report from April

Russ Breault, via his Shroud Encounter Facebook page, informs us about an EWTN video, World Over – 2015-04-02 – Investigation the Shroud with Raymond Arroyo that was published on April 6, 2015. I can’t recall seeing this before. Thanks, Russ.

The brief description at YouTube reads, “A look at the mysterious linen thought to be the burial cloth of Christ, the Shroud of Turin. An encore of Raymond Arroyo’s special report: Investigating the Shroud.”


2 thoughts on “Raymond Arroyo’s Special Report from April”

  1. Thank you Dan.

    I like the explaination by Gilbert Lavoie about the showing of blood in the hair. ” It is not from hair but from cheeks. So it is a very good evidence to show that image is not a painting also not formed by a contact process”. I like his demonstation.

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