Another St. Louis Shroud of Turin Conference in 2018?

imageJoe Marino writes:

The website for the "Shroud of Turin:  The Controversial Intersection of Faith and Science,", held 9-12 October 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri, will be taken down in about 5 months, on or around 18 January 2015. This will not affect the accessibility of the papers and videos of the conference presentations, as those can be found at  The St. Louis conference site was mainly informational.  However, the forum in which comments about conference presentations could be made, will no longer be accessible.

Several people have asked if I knew when the next conference would be.  I’m currently not aware of any upcoming conferences, but the committee for the St. Louis conference is contemplating possibly holding another conference in St. Louis some time in 2018.  Any developments will be publicized at and .

Thanks, Joe.

7 thoughts on “Another St. Louis Shroud of Turin Conference in 2018?”

  1. Joe Marino is an oldtimer in the realm of Shroud studies and used to run some highly interesting news items on his email list. Perhaps he is the right person to tell “Shroudies” how to make rules in the Shroud media. A lot of improvement is needed to make Rome budge and I do think that Pope Francis’ attitude at the Exposition can also be interpreted as meaning that “Shroudies” havê fallen short of the mark.
    People at Rome and Turin do read what is being saíd in the Shroud media. Improvements can lead to minds being changed, perhaps some doors will even be thrown open.If that happens there will be many concrete things to say at any new conference in Saint Louis.

  2. Andy, I spent many years in school and college studying with Jesuits, American, German and five other nationalities. One strong experience came through learning with German Jesuit priests and lay brothers, very tough World War II veterans, who knew what was discipline and sense of mission, and could be very exacting.
    Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and tougher than his Bavarian predecessor.
    He has sent an indirect message to Shroudies, having ignored the petition.
    Both Rome and Turin read what is being said in the Shroud media. Either things change now or never. There is no point in having Saint Louis 2018 with rehashed material.

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