Manipulated Miracles

imageIn trying to explain how the image could have been a hologram created as a byproduct of the Resurrection, Dave Hines explained:

… during the process of making a hologram there can be no sound vibration. Object must be 100% static. Cloth must also be 100% static. Interference pattern is easily disrupted resulting in no image at all.

Those are things I cannot explain other than to say the person/intelligent force in charge image making process has the ability to place a electromagnetic field around a cloth and body and hold it in place and or create a zero gravity environment during image process. and make sure there are no sound interruptions during the image process.

A tall order, only a “Higher Power Intelligence/God would be capable of filling.

Or – drum roll – God said, let there be an image on the cloth. And there was.

You don’t like that? Too much of a directed miracle? Too far from God-acts-through-nature? Well then you can consider Rucker’s radiation, Jackson’s dematerialization, Tipler’s sphaleron quantum tunneling, Fanti’s corona discharge, Di Lazzaro’s ultraviolet, Rogers’ Maillard reactions (quite natural if it could work but requiring every bit as much of a miraculous manipulation as Hine’s hologram), Freeman’s painting (if STURP and Berry are wrong) and Berry’s fraud-by-Maillard if Berry is right. 

I was reminded of a posting from two years ago on inexplicable explanation and particularly about an exchange between Matthias and Hugh Farey. CLICK HERE (or on the snapshot below to read it).

In the snapshot, I agreed with BT. Still do. I don’t buy into any explanation so far offered and I don’t consider the fact that we can’t explain the image as significant.


4 thoughts on “Manipulated Miracles”

  1. I explained to Dan how the image got on the cloth but it has to do with being born again or receiving salvation, and who wants that? I received a new heart from the Spirit in Genesis, and at that time it was a bright light of the Spirit that did the work. It must have been this same light, when it brought life back into Jesus body, that put the image on the cloth. Ezekiel 36:26

    So keep ranting about it if you don’t have anything else to do.

  2. Hi Dan, you wrote “Or – drum roll – God said, let there be an image on the cloth. And there was”
    That is really funny. I really enjoyed reading that. It brought a welcome smile to my face. They say laughter is the best medicine. thanks for the meds. I never did congratulate you on reaching the 3 million view mark on the Blog Site. Congratulations! It really is a bench mark moment. Now you are 3 million and some change. this can be a fun site to be on. A little excitement in a otherwise dull day. Some of the best info on the Shroud can be found here. Add Barry S site to that as well. Keep up the good work Dan!

  3. Hi Dan, one more thing thanks for putting up some of my videos on your site, even though you do necessarily agree with the content. Much appreciated. I aspire to do better work.

  4. Sorry Dano, I made a typing error, I meant to say, thanks for posting some of my videos “even though you do NOT necessarily agree with the content”

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