A reader writes:

I just encountered your postings on stochastic processes at Yahoo. Good material. Thank you. However, you failed to provide a link to Dr. Colin Berry’s helpful opinions on the subject.  You also failed to link to Dr. Mario Latendresse’s critical evaluation of the paper by Fazio et al. A link to the full sized jpeg of ME-29 would be most helpful.

By Yahoo I think he may be referring to a recent, private conversation going on over at the Shroud Science Group. It is hosted as a Yahoo Group. I have provided some links into this blog.

Well, actually, I did provide a link to Colin’s posting on the matter. Here it is again:

Here is a TinyURL version of the above link, just in case:

Here is a link to Latendresse’s evaluation entitled Matters Arising. It appears to be a letter to the editor of the journal. A reply by Fazio is included in the same PDF. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

As for ME-29, I can’t find anything larger than 870×616, and I think that has been stretched. I recommend the image found on Mario’s site which is 735×496. Access it by clicking on the above image or by CLICKING HERE.

I’d like to know from Barrie Schwortz what is the largest ME-29 image available and can it be put online for public examination.