imageA reader writes:

Recently, I met with nine lay people from other churches in our town to discuss having combined adult education classes, a very scary idea since we represent different Protestant denominations.

While brainstorming ideas I asked if there was any interest in the Shroud of Turin.  Only two hands went up. Why no interest, I asked. There were shrugs. Then someone remarked that it was certainly not real.  Why not, I asked.  It just can’t be said a chorus of voices.

It just can’t be wasn’t a good enough answer. Why, I said again, then added, what about the carbon dating. I got puzzled stares.  Someone finally said the carbon dating could not be right because the Shroud of Turin can’t be real. Everyone nodded in agreement.

I thought you would find this amusing. BTW we decided to have a class on the Shroud of Turin if I could find a Catholic priest to conduct it.  It took only one phone call.

I’ve run into many people who reject the shroud’s possible authenticity out of hand.