Tweeted Picture for Today: Endless Emotion


The Tweet:   @ sogno93 : Torino @ Sindone2015 endless emotion .

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  1. For many centuries the footprint that Man is there
    to ask ourselves what we think …
    But if we read what wrote Charles Freeman and Andrea Nicolotti,
    then it seems that we still have doubts about the age of the Shroud …

    Here I would draw attention to an alternative idea:
    the dating of wooden box belonged to Otto de la Roche …
    Is that dating a novelty ?
    You can use whatever you want:
    C14, Campanella’s method, Piero’s method…
    — — —
    … Soon after its invention, the AFM was also used to measure
    the mechanical properties of a sample with a nanometric resolution.
    These measurements are accomplished by using the AFM as
    a nano-indenter and by monitoring the cantilever deflection
    during the process.
    The curve displaying the force applied as a function of
    the tip indentation is referred to as a force-indentation (FI) curve…
    — —

    See also:
    “Quantification of the Young’s modulus of the primary plant cell wall using Bending-Lab-On-Chip (BLOC)”


    1. Here the last useful paper that I have found:

      Revealing changes in molecular composition of plant cell walls on the micron-level by Raman mapping and vertex component analysis (VCA)
      Notburga Gierlinger
      published in:
      Front. Plant Sci., 30 June 2014

  2. I apologize for this curious idea.
    Unfortunately I was in a hurry, in fact dating
    the wooden box Otto de la Roche does not solve
    the interesting riddle of the shroud.
    However it would be interesting to be able to use
    that dating also to improve the archaeometric controls.

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