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January, 2015 – Oshawa: A unique TED-style and CNN news styled conference based on the popular TV hit, The Conspiracy Show, investigating the dramatic rise in conspiracy theories – from documented White House and Canadian government cover-ups around extraterrestrial visits on Earth to Bible secrets – is coming back to Oshawa, Canada on April 26, 2015.

Sunday. April 26, 2015.  7:00 p.m

Regent Theatre, Oshawa. Call  905-721-3399


Follow the Truth2: The Conspiracy Show Special Report (FTT2) is covering a range of topics from the worldwide money system, JFK cover-ups, Psychic Spies, and the Holy Shroud of Turin, featuring internationally acclaimed speakers such as former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer. FTT2 is a sequal to the very successful Follow The Truth summit held in November, 2014.

“The recent increase of interest and conversation around these conspiracies is reaching a tipping point in our culture and consciousness, indicating that a popular demand for the truth is on the way and unstoppable,” says Richard Syrett, host of conference, TV show and radio show.

“People just want the truth and make no mistake, the movement had already begun,” Syrett said.

Once considered an underground phenomenon, conspiracy theories are now going mainstream, appealing to all walks of life, thanks to the information revolution and an access and appetite to source documents, files and surveillance video, easily found online.

“The idea is to take our popular format for the TV show, and give it a live audience and an interactive opportunity. I find that so many of my viewers and listeners have so many questions and ideas to share that we need to create the forum for that to happen,” Syrett said.

The April 26 Special Presentaion in Oshawa will include an exclusive exhibit of an exact replica of the Holy Shroud of Turin for audience members to explore, investigate and limited opportunities to take photos.

Future plans include the Follow The Truth tour to NYC, Miami, LA, New Orleans, Sydney Australia, and other key cities in 2015.

The Conspiracy Show airs across Canada on Vision TV and in the United States on Destination America.  The program has also been sold in Europe and Africa. In addition, Richard hosts a syndicated weekly radio program out of Toronto, also called The Conspiracy Show.  His program is broadcast on AM 740, Zoomer Radio, a 50,000-watt clear-channel. The program is distributed by Syndication Networks and currently boasts about two dozen U.S affiliates

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  1. Many theorist are putting too much into how the shroud was created. Take God and religion out of the theories and consider that basically the story of a man named Jesus is at least partly true. Jesus was accumulating a large following and telling them that there was another way for a person to have their sins cleansed so they didn’t have to pay to use the temple baths to have their sins cleansed. The temple priests could see that he was cutting into their money so they decided to get rid of him. First they had him arrested by the Romans and the Romans beat him with a flagrum but the priest still weren’t rid of him so they demanded that he be crucified so the provost marshal, Pilate, relented. So Jesus had to carry his own crossbeam through the streets falling down several times until someone carried the crossbeam for him. The Romans nailed him through the wrists and ankles to the cross so he was secure. As Jesus stayed on the cross his lungs began to fill with fluids until he passed out. With the Passover festival beginning the next day no one wanted these people or their bodies on public display so the Roman soldier thrust a spear into them. This could have possibly saved Jesus’s life by doing a crude surgical procedure that drained the water out of one of his lungs, creating a sucking chest wound. By this time his breathing would have been so shallow it would be hard to tell weather he was alive or dead. Either way he was taken down for a hasty tomb burial. A wealthy follower provided a high quality burial shroud. So. Jesus was quickly covered with oil without first being washed and put in a tomb. My theory is that the image on the shroud is genuinely Jesus and caused by stains from the blood, dirt, sweat, and oil, nothing more. The oil would have the dried blood, dirt and salt from sweat dissolved into it and this would have caused some serious stains on the surface of the shroud. How simple is that?

    1. “My theory is that the image on the shroud is genuinely Jesus and caused by stains from the blood, dirt, sweat, and oil, nothing more. The oil would have the dried blood, dirt and salt from sweat dissolved into it and this would have caused some serious stains on the surface of the shroud. How simple is that?”

      So simple that it should be likewise simple to replicate. Give it a try.

  2. Hi Ray

    You should first read the STURP papers you will find on Then, for a recent interview dwelling on the highly complex image formation process read what a physicist who does not mix science with religion had to say:
    The Jesus Movement was a Resurrection Movement, not an empty tomb movement, much less a burial shroud movement, as “The Sign” claims:
    The Israeli scholar and Holocaust survivor Pinchas Lapide understood that clearly, he accepted the Resurrection.
    The Apostle Paul wrote his epistles before the gospels were written, he must have known what the early Christians were saying when he was still Paul the Pharisee, of the tribe of Benjamin. He did not go to check if the tomb was empty or not. On the road to Damascus, when he heard the divine voice and was temporarily blinded by a flash, the event made it crystal clear to him what had happened, but not from the point of view of Greek philosophical body-soul dualism, he was Jewish.

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