Tweet of the Day Out of Turin: Shroud is Message of Unity


Mons Nosiglia Vescovo di Torino custode pontificio di #Sindone2015 ai giornalisti "La Sindone sia messaggio di unità"

Googlized English:

Mons Nosiglia Bishop of Turin papal custodian of # Sindone2015 [told] reporters "The Shroud is message of unity"

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day Out of Turin: Shroud is Message of Unity”

  1. A message for unity? And Turinese Italian is a lingua franca? I don’t think so! There’s a broader catchment out there than Piedmont!

  2. I’ve had to break the silence for a few moments to comment on the archbishop’s views. That is easier said than done, there is no unity in the realm of Shroud studies and the Shroud will not unite many beyond this realm. See the first lines of:
    There will be more in the next article, on the image formation process, expected to be online in February.

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