Fr. Otterbein Discussing the STURP Examination

This just showed up as newly published by the Holy Shroud Guild on YouTube on Nov 24, 2014: It features Fr. Otterbein discussing the STURP examination of 1978 (in two parts).

Part 1:

Part 2:


Links: Part 1  |  Part 2

One thought on “Fr. Otterbein Discussing the STURP Examination”

  1. Thank you for this article. It is, in my mind, very descriptive of what the image on the
    shroud is, I probably should not repeat what I had had said in a previous comment but I will in as few words as possible. Sometime back, I’ll say a couple of years I was reading an article on the 3-D Imaging work that was done and as I was looking at the cleared image – after the explanatory marking were removed from the 3-D image, the picture on my computer screen seemed to deeply focus my attention to the face. It was as if I was mesmerized. I heard a voice inside my head that I recognised as my Guardian Angel. I had heard that voice a couple of times earlier in my life, My first recall was when I was about 9 or 10 years old and was in the process of drowning at a small beach at a lake in Indiana. I recognised the fact that I was in trouble as I did not know how to swim and I was in deep water (10 or so feet deep) and I could not get to the top of the lake and breath or walk out. The voice told me “You are going to die, say your prayers”. I was confounded, because as a young Catholic boy I knew a few prayers but did not know which one to say to myself. The next thing I know is that I am saying the ‘Our Father’ ( also known as the The Lords Prayer”) to myself. I then recall seeing an image of the field that was nest to our home in Michigan where I used to play. I was then told by the voice “This is all you will remember”. I then consiously recall laying on my stomach on a beach towel and the towel under my face is wet with water and a large glob of snot or mucus from my nose and my older brother is pushing on my back. (performing CPR). I was alive. My brother was 10 years older than me and had swam out and pulled me in. I deduced many years later that the image of the field and the worlds of “That is all You will remember” was an NDE that I was to forget except for a little bit of it.
    The next memorable event of the voice was when my 4 years of active duty in the USMC was coming to a close and I had been reminded by senior Marines that I should re-enlist and when I did I would be promoted to Sgt. E-5. I was a Cpl. E-4 at the time. A few minutes after I was told this and I was by myself in my corner of the office, I heard the voice again and it said”Do not re-enlist”. I just ignored it and went about my business. A couple of days later the same thing happened, a senior Cgr reminded me of what they had said before. Again I heard the voice repeat the same words “Do not re-enlist” and again I just went about doing my work. A couple of days later, the Sgt. came to me again an\d told me to go and get my re-enlistment paperwork started. and he left me. I was thinking about and the advantages of being a Sgr but I heard the voice for the 3rd Time and it seemed louder and very firm “DO NOT RE-ENLIST”. I decided that it meant business and I did not re-enlist. This happened in Feb. 1964 and I pretty sure that you recall the Vietnam War and the roll that the Marine Corps played it. I was released from active duty on Feb. 18th 1964 and got married a few months later.
    Back to the Shroud. and the voice, it said to me words to the effect “This is the picture of the living Jesus Christ”.. So I am sure that the Shroud is the actual Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ.

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