Colin Berry Trumps the Daily Express Headline Writer

He headlined a blog posting,

. . . Pope Francis at pains to point out the inadequacies of the contact print hypothesis.

to which he added the following explanation for the picture that appeared in the website of the Daily Express:

Trying to capture all the topological relief of facial features onto a cloth mantle can be quite tricky, as the Pontiff demonstrates.



5 thoughts on “Colin Berry Trumps the Daily Express Headline Writer”

  1. What I hadn’t spotted until reading Dan’s link to the article (to check it was functioning, oh we of little faith) was that it goes on to refer to the 2015 Exposition and the continuing controversy over you-know-what.

    Please don’t let there be another more statistically rigorous C-14 dating any time soon. That would/could really put a damper on things. Dan Porter would be left taking the dog for longer and longer walks.

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