St. Louis Papers to be Archived at

imageBarrie Schwortz reports on the STERA Facebook page:

Great News! The organizers of the recent St. Louis Shroud Conference have decided that, rather than creating and maintaining a separate website, they will have all the papers and presentations permanently archived on We are asking all participants to submit their final papers to us by December 15th so we can include them on a new St. Louis Conference page as part of our 19th Anniversary update on January 21, 2015. Watch for our last major update of the year in early December.

Great news, indeed.  Individual conference archives are always at risk. Over the years, the conference organization drifts away and no one is left to maintain the conference website and pay for storage space and bandwidth (although storage space is now cheap and bandwidth costs have all but disappeared except for large-scale video files). The issue is loving care, time consuming maintenance.

Barrie is simply the best.

4 thoughts on “St. Louis Papers to be Archived at”

  1. Not even in time for Christmas. I would love to see papers that are ready go up on Academia in the meantime. Why not set up a conference folder on Academia.

  2. Wonderful. That is more appropriate than since they are the granddaddy of all Shroud sites and we are substantially smaller. I look forward to reading the papers. I wish I could have attended.

  3. Leave it to Barrie & Joe and Dan to collaborate so nicely to serve all of us needy Shroudies! Thanks guys, this move will be so much appreciated. Will Russ Breault have the videos posted on as well or will they be sold individually on the WWW?
    Wishing there could be another Shroud Convention next September/October in a vacation spot such as Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard but that might require a time period of more than four jam-packed days!

    1. It is my understanding that the videos will be hosted on YouTube. Bandwidth cost is the big issue. While it is now pretty much free for text files and even image files, video content is the big exception. YouTube is the way to go. Even the Vatican has a YouTube channel.

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