Now Available: Two ATSI Bari Papers on ENEA Frascati Website

clip_image001The following two papers have been discovered:

1)  Shroud-like coloration, conservation, measures and image processing
A survey of experiments at ENEA Frascati
by Paolo Di Lazzaro Daniele Murra

2)  Le misure dei ricercatori dell’ENEA di Frascati sulla copia della Sindone di Arquata del Tronto (giugno 2014) A report about recent measurements on a copy of the Shroud found in Arquata del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno, Italy) by P. Di Lazzaro, A. Danielis, §, M. Guarneri, M. Missori, D. Murra, V. Piraccini, V. Spizzichino, S. Bollanti (this paper does not appear to be in the conference proceedings given to attendees)

Late Update: These two papers may also be found on the Paolo Di Lazzaro page at

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  1. Do you know “RGB-ITR scanner” ?

    RGB-ITR is the acronym for Red Green Blue Imaging Topological Radar …

    It’s based on double Amplitude Modulation Technique (190 MHz / 5MHz) …

    Collects fuive information per pixel – three colors and two distances …

  2. “Hostile critics will have an easy target, and perhaps they will think they are scoring against the Shroud, whereas they will only be hitting the errors of Dr. Hynek.”
    nov. 4, 1951. Edward A. Wuenschel

    Dr Hyneks are not an endangered species.

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