Not so new after all. It popped up in Yahoo News yesterday.
The story goes back to 2010. Those things happen. If my memory was
better I might have remembered  Legionaries of Christ withdraw from Sacramento Parish Leaving Permanent Shroud of Turin Exhibit in 2012.

News 10 in Sacramento, California, an ABC affiliate television station, is reporting about a new permanent exhibit of the shroud in the city. (The included slideshow is very comprehensive):

SACRAMENTO, CA — It is perhaps the most famous and most controversial religious relic of all time.  The Shroud of Turin is thought by believers to be the burial cloth of Jesus in which he was placed after being taken down from the cross.

A replica of the shroud and an examination of its mysteries is now on permanent display at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Sacramento.

SLIDESHOW:Who is the man in the shroud?

“For those who believe, the shroud is probably the most beautiful relic,” said Father Lino Otero.  “In the face of the man in the shroud, we have the face of Christ himself  . . .  and for those of us who believe, Christ is the incarnation of God’s love for us.”

The image on the cloth is both the back and front of a crucified man, about 5 feet 11 inches tall.  But how it got on the cloth is just one of its mysteries.

And as this aired, word was received that the New Mexico museum (SEAM) is planning to open on November 1. That is All Saints Day, which seems appropriate given all the work being done by Andy, Pete and others in “the land of enchantment.”