imageMaybe there will be some evidence in installment number 10. I think the strongest case being made in installment 9 is that the Soviets would certainly have accepted an offer from Timothy Linick of the Arizona labs to fake the date of the carbon dating of the shroud to a time about 25 years years before it is known to have existed in Lirey around 1350. We know this because:

Since most of what they [the Soviet Union] were interested in, especially technology for advanced computing, was on a list of highly restricted technologies maintained by a consortium of Western nations known as COCOM, the Soviets had long since resorted to extralegal means of procuring hardware and software. The FBI liked to maintain that Northern California’s Silicon Valley, where much of American computer innovation resided, was crawling with KGB agents. The FBI claimed that one of the primary missions of the Soviet consulate in San Francisco was to funnel U.S. technology into the Soviet Union.

… as reported in Katie Hafner’s and John Markoff’s book Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier.