Emanuela Marinelli: Fantacies! Non Existent Objects

Flowers, tools of crucifixion, double impression of the right hand showing movement.

visionaries discredit the serious research on the Shroud

imageRobert Vitale over at the Amici della Sindone Facebook page, ( tell us (in Italian) about a new book (in Italian) which, as we read in the Bing translation:

It’s definitely one of the most controversial books written in relation to the shroud. The author, from Palermo Giuseppe Maria Catalano, Claims That Are Clearly visible on the Turin linen, traces of the resurrection of Jesus (in double impression of the right hand in the "movement" Among other things.) Not only. The author, as he Stated in His work, working on high magnifications Enrie photos, he noticed the presence of the fabric flowers, plants, (also on the helmet of thorns !!!), even of the tools used to crucify Christ. I have personally met Catalan, but blackberries than convinces me, I was confused blackberries. Have you ever read this book? And then, what do you think of the Sicilian scholar claims?

What the blackberries? Just ignore the fruit references; Bing is far from perfect.

Emanuela Marinelli, one of the world’s most respected shroud scholars,was quick to respond:

Fantasies! Catalano is not the first to see non-existent objects in every spot of the Shroud.http://people.duke.edu/~adw2/shroud/whanger.htm Unfortunately, these visionaries discredit the serious research on the Shroud.

Notice that Emanuela is pointing to the Duke University based site of Alan Whanger.

Roberto Vitale replies:

also add my testimony. Naturally skeptical of these claims, I just tried to figure out who he really was the "character" Catalano, visiting the photographic exhibition on the Shroud actually a commercial for his book,he set up in Palermo. Catalan is definitely an interesting character in his own way highly educated, but, and here I fully agree with Emanuela Marinelli, definitely imaginative. Just think of his thesis, definitely out of the ordinary, with which Catalan claims that the Earth’s axis has shifted due to an asteroid. There were also problems with the Center for Sindonologia, as Catalano wanted to use his lawyers accusing him of defamation that the Centre had allowed himself to define "questionable" his thesis. As far as I know, his only threats were not carried out. What impressed me though, was the great journalistic attention turned to a study of this kind, reflecting the fact that the press is thrown a dead weight on the sensational, not investigating the goodness of the content of what they publish.

And, of course, we have someone in Australia who sees the eyes opening in order to take a quick peek around the room.

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  1. Hi Dan, “someone in Australia who sees the eyes opening in order to take a quick peek around the room”?! This is news.
    If we are to look at the cover of the book by H. Kersten the eyes on the Man of the Shroud are wide open, then closed for the last time — not in Jerusalem but in Kashmir.

    I wish there was some excavation at this tomb, however the Muslim caretakers say that the person who is buried there is Yuz Asaf, a Sufi mystic, and dismiss the allegations of the sect which says that it is Jesus’ tomb. Hindus and Muslims in India do not believe this.
    The objects some “see” on the Shroud do no harm, they do cause controversy, but there is scope for discussion. Some of the things that Dr. Whanger “sees” on the Shroud are also “seen” by Professor Danin.

    It is the dangerous allegations that can cause serious problems. Look at what is going on in the Middle East today, it has its source in the sect-like Wahhabi beliefs.

  2. Considering Enrie’s photos are pushed contrast, any “images” one sees in the photo are completely unreliable because pushed contrast distorts the photo to make the body image clearer. While I hate to put it this way, it is true, these kind of claims are a waste of time.

  3. Are holograms unreliable, as well?

    Two quotes from article: “One of the important steps in producing the holograms is the conversion of the 2D grayscale information in the body image of the Enrie photographs to 3D. This is possible because we know that the grayscale in the image contains distance information, which is normally not found in photographs.”

    “Observing the images of plants in the same locations on photographs produced by different photographic techniques and on the linen of the Shroud itself proves that they are real and not artifacts created by one photographic method or another.”

    Shroud of Turin in 3D
    Prof. Avinoam Danin



  4. Angel, we need a preferably peer-reviewed paper describing how the hologram was produced. I am saying this because it is controversial and many Shroudies need to be convinced.

  5. Thanks for the support, Andy. You see what the problem is? If claims with no peer-reviewed papers are made all the time we will not be raising the standards of Shroud studies, it will be like going in the opposite direction. It is not that peer-reviewed papers convey gospel truth, they are only said to merit consideration, and that of course is much better than mere claims.

  6. Thank you for your blog. Blackberries (???) I don’t know the reason because Bing translate in this way the italian expression (anche sul casco di spine). The right wya to read my words is….He (Catalano) sees in the linen: Flowers, plants (also in the crown of thorns !!)

  7. Still on blackberries…(oh my God). In my previous reply I forgot the most important thing. In italian I write: (Più che convincermi mi ha maggiormente confuso). Here the right (I hope translation) Catalano more than he tried to convince me, more he left me confused.

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