Rest in Peace Dorothy Crispino

The translation of the obituary for Dorothy Crispino into English is difficult, but you should figure it out:

We are sad to communicate the death in Cavour of our sister Dorothy Crispino, born Zimmer, of 98 years. Born in the USA, had also spent time in Italy and France. The encounter with the Holy Shroud, which occurred in the USA in the environment led by Fr Rinaldi, literally transformed her life. Dorothy was a reference point for lovers of the Shroud (scholars and devotees) not only in the United States for years, and published a popular magazine on Shroud [SHROUD SPECTRUM]. For the love of the Holy Shroud she decided to spend the last years of his life in Italy, namely close of the Shroud. The nearest place she found was Babano, a fraction of Cavour. In these last few years she was received in a nursing home in Cavour, where her husband visited her with touching regularity. His memory is a blessing and is a model of generous dedication to the cause of the Shroud.

The burial is scheduled for Thursday, August 21, at 11:00 am.

Gian Marco Rinaldi offers some help:

On might think that the news has been given by any of her brothers or sisters. But the Italian word is “consorella”, not just “sorella” (sister). The obituary is in the website of the Confraternita (Brotherhood) del Santissimo Sudario (related to the church of Turin and the CIS). The members of the Confraternita are called “confratello” and “consorella” and that means just a member of the Brotherhood.

Indeed Mrs Crispino had not any brothers or sisters left . . .

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  1. One of my regrets is that I came to serious study of the Shroud rather late in the game and never had a chance to meet some of the real giants in the field. Dorothy was one of those but by the time I began work onmy manuscript she had settled in Italy and was suffering from the infirmities of age. However, there is one remarkable piece on that relates the history of the Shroud study on this side of the pond entitled “The Fathers of American Sindology”

    She was the editor and publisher of Shroud Spectrum Magazine which remains a remarkable source of information on the Shroud.

    Although I never met Dorothy, I am indebted to her for her work on the Shroud as is anyone else who ventures down the path of the Shroud which is ultimately the way of the Cross. Sleep in peace.

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