Another Overlay: Divine Mercy Image and the Shroud of Turin

OK writes:

If we are in the topic, of video overlays, I suggest this:

Such comparison was once mentioned on your blog, but I don’t know if you remember:

Here is Wikipedia article on the history of the image:

I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. Here is the video you mention:

One thought on “Another Overlay: Divine Mercy Image and the Shroud of Turin”

  1. Divine Mercy – wonderful devotion. But these artistic renderings of the good Sister’s vision are pointless as corroborating evidence for the TS image. Why? Because we Christians now have an image burned into our collective consciousness of what Jesus looks like, based on centuries of art. Ask anyone to draw a picture of Jesus and 99% of the time you’ll get a Jesus that we all recognize as the ‘standard Jesus’. It’s the same with Mary.

    In fact it is the same with aliens and the chupacabra. Once the convention is set, every sighting thereafter seems to be modelled on the prototype.

    The TS could be the original model for the convention, but ironically because this convention is so prolific it rules out, as corroborative evidence, modern visions of Jesus — Jesus looks like ‘that’ because ‘that’ is what we expect to see. Oddly enough, if a person had a vision of Jesus and He looked different than expected, I’d be more curious to investigate that vision.

    I’m not saying the visions are real or not, simply that it is pointless to use them to bolster any case. The Divine Mercy images make for beautiful devotional art, but lousy scientific evidence.

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