And Whence Cometh the Pure Rubbish

imageA follow up to Pure Rubbish:  Colin Berry tracked it down for us. He wrote in a couple of comments:

It was penned by the editor (no less) of The Church Today in April 2009. See page 5 of this pdf:

It was easy to track down with Google by inputting that 600,000 claim – and no surprise to see it accompanied by the term “pier review” !


PS: I omitted to mention that it’s a local (Louisiana-based) periodical, and that the article in question was prefaced with this hat tip – if one can so dignify it:

“Editor’s Note: The following information is from a Lighthouse Catholic Media CD titled “The Passion of Christ in Light of the Holy Shroud of Turin,” by Fr.Francis Peffley.”

Well guess what: you can listen to the first eight minutes of the CD without buying it or an MP3 version. Just CLICK HERE or on the image above. Pour a tall one and sit back. Find the player button and listen.  The level of inaccuracy is extraordinary.

2 thoughts on “And Whence Cometh the Pure Rubbish”

  1. They have been duly advised to withdraw the CD and perhaps produce a better one with more accurate information.

  2. Let’s face it, just because someone speaks about the Shroud, whoever it is, does not mean that person is knowledgeable.

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