clip_image001A reader writes:

There is something of a circus-like sideshow dimension to this whole 2015 thing in Turin.  Which nutty professor do we sign up with, the miracle image maker or the natural image maker? We need a faker maker tour led by none other than Professor Berry?  We need to know who do we want to rub elbows with and what is for dinner?  Are the busses air conditioned and will there be time for shopping? Do we have to stand in line and do we get free monogrammed ponchos if it rains? These people are tourists, not pilgrims. A pilgrim shows up alone or with a couple of friends, sleeps in a hostel or inexpensive hotel and eats in food courts or on outdoor benches. But that is not good for business.

Colin Berry has expressed his views in Are we there yet?  Check it out.  There is much there I agree with.