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imageAt Amazon: From the Mandylion of Edessa to the Shroud of Turin: The Metamorphosis and Manipulation of a Legend (Art and Material Culture in Medieval and Renaissance Europe), Hardcover, by Andrea Nicolotti. The list price is $142.00 USD but you can pre-order it now for only $134.90 and Amazon will guarantee the price through September when the book will ship.

I imagine this is the English version of Dal Mandylion di Edessa alla Sindone di Torino. Metamorfosi di una leggenda (pictured) that has been available since January of 2011.

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  1. Yes, you are right. But the English version is widely updated and increased.

  2. At some indefinite time in the 11th-12th century large epitaphioi threnoi (“funeral lamentation cloths”) began to be used during Holy Week in the (Byzantine) Greek liturgy. Now prior to the 1988 carbon dating, giant among Byzantine scholars (such as Kitzinger and Belting), claimed those liturgical cloths were “arguably Turin Shroud-inspired”. Who is Nicoletti to imply Kitzinger and Belting were wrong and HE is right?

  3. I very much like to have Nicolotti’s description of the Hungarian Pray Ms bifolium folio 28 two ink and pen drawings… I challenge him…

  4. Reminder for AN: the HP Ms bifolium’s terminus ad quem and terminus a quo are respectively 1161-73 and 1192-95 CE.

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