imageDanny Tyree writes about The Sharing Economy [and suggests we] proceed with caution in an amusing article in the Red Bluff Daily News. “’People globally are embracing the sharing economy.’ So says an article in the May 9 Newsweek."

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade (especially when someone else has possession of their umbrella), but a lot of things concern me.

Certainly the carbon footprint fanatics are at the forefront of this trend, but what sort of scheduling logjams will ensue when they get sharer’s remorse? "I know my 15 minutes of hugging the tree are up, but can’t I hug it just a few minutes moooooooore."

Are we really that nostalgic for the days when you had to rent the VCR as well as the Betamax movie? . . .

[ . . . ]

Don’t get me started on Murphy’s Law. What happens when we have the inevitable software glitches? "Lady, my app says you’ve got the Shroud of Turin, a breeding pair of Yeti and an honest politician here somewhere, and I’m not letting you renege."