imagePam Moon has just today published a new paper, The Feet of Christ? : Douse Water damage from the 1532 Fire, the Lier Shroud and the Missing Corners at The Shroud of Turin Exhibition website. (As before the paper is a PNG image file. Links to a PDF version are on the web page but are not yet implemented. Pam, in an email, indicated that she was working on it).

The first paragraph introduces us to the paper’s objective:

This paper suggests that douse water used to put out the fire which almost destroyed the Shroud in 1532 obscured some features that were once visible on the Shroud of Turin. The feet of the Man on the Shroud are no longer distinct. Also the elbows arc no longer visible because of douse water rather than fire damage. This paper compares the feet and elbows of the Shroud of Turin with the Lier Shroud. The Lier Shroud, painted in 1516 is an artistes impression of the Shroud of Turin possibly created by the German Renaissance artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. it gives a clear impression of the feet and elbows sixteen years before douse water damage.

imageHere is a black and white contrast enhancement of the the above picture to see if it this offers more clarity. I think so.