This YouTube was uploaded to YouTube just five days ago. I don’t know when is was filmed.

The comments, a couple of which are shown below, are a bit different than what we see in this blog. PITN, by the way, stands for Prophesy in the News. HERE is their website (I’m not a fan).

Sample Comments:

Elihu Wygant wrote:

This video and it’s content have, to me, destroyed all credibility of PITN. Let me make sure I’m getting this right: you’re saying that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ?! . . . Please don’t tell me you’re taken in by this obvious hoax of the RCC….

Evangelist Roger Griffith wrote

Jesus Christ paid the price in full. Hallelujah to God”””” Amen, Acts 20:28, God did purchase the church with his own blood.”’

tommax26 said:

How wonderful if everyone who used to be sceptical of the validity of the Shroud would take another look at the amazing scientific facts revealed through the eyes of modern equipment.