The Greatest Love


BING Translation of undated press release as it appeared at Santa Sindone website yesterday:

The face of the shroud

ready the logo of exposition 2015

The custodian of the shroud. Cesare Nosiglia presents tonight at Parco Ruffini, within the Diocesan youth Celebration, the official logo of the exposition 2015. The graphic trade mark was chosen and Armando Testa Agency developed starting from ideas of young torinesi (groups of students of the Accademia Albertina, and boys participating in the walk of the Diocesan Synod of young).


The logo A face that invokes the human traits of the shroud; the word Shroud and 2015 the motto love bigger. A background consisting of variations of color reminiscent of the sindonico tissue; the arrangement of text and colors in space suggests the image of the cross. These are the elements of the logo for the exposition 2015 presented tonight around 20.45, within the Diocesan Celebration of youth, at Palasport Ruffini Park.


Young The logo is launched at the Festival of young people because it was made by young people. In recent months of February and March, groups of students of the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino and young people participating in the Synod’s coordinated by the youth of the diocese have worked to create a graphic sign that draws the contents of the tagline and theme of the exposition.

The custodian of the shroud. Nosiglia had launched the proposal, for the exposition of young people came from their ideas for the interpretation that will be at the base of the graphic identity of the exposition. We wanted a product that could join the youth creativity and reflection on the meaning of the exposition and the Shroud in a new context, in the light of the chosen motto love bigger, taken from the Gospel of John.

The motto wants to highlight how God’s love for men the same love of Jesus Christ. And donate life discover his true vocation of men and women, in any condition, even in difficult situations of suffering and illness that afflict us.


The creative path-The youth worked either alone or in groups, with the accompaniment of the Academy’s lecturers and experts in Youth Ministry.

Jobs products were reviewed by a Committee chaired by Archbishop they belonged to members of the Committee and of the Diocesan Commission for the shroud. The most interesting works judged 4, whose authors will be featured tonight at the party of young people, were subjected to the experts of the Armando Testa Agency, which made the necessary changes to give the work a professional character. The Armando Testa Agency has offered its advice.


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