A Gift to the Shroud of Turin Blogosphere from Stephen Jones

thank you, Stephen

imageStephen writes in a posting titled, The Shroud of Turin: A gift to our proof-demanding era?

Today I came across a reference to this 1973 article by Ian Wilson in the Catholic Herald. I could not find it webbed as text anywhere, even by the Catholic Herald. So I decided to laboriously convert it from images to text for my own use. But then I thought I might as well post it on my blog!

If we wanted to read Ian Wilson’s article in the Catholic Herald, “A gift to our proof-demanding era?”, before Stephen converted it for us, and we still can by clicking here, we would soon come to the first new paragraph of the second column in linotype:

In the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace is an unusual icon, itself not more than three centuries old, but expressing in pictorial form a legendary story of considerable antiquity. The centre-piece, a likeness of Christ’s face seen imprinted on a cloth, at first sight bears a remarkable resemblance to our familiar Veronica.

As the inscription tells us, however, this is the Holy Mandylion, a reputedly miraculous piece of linen first brought to the Syro-Turkish city of Edessa (now Urfa) during the very first century of the Christian era. It was instrumental in the conversion of many of Edessa’s chief citizens, including the petty king or toparch, Abgar V, an authentic contemporary of Christ. reigning from AD 13-50. But persecution broke out and shortly after the cloth disappeared. its whereabouts remaining unknown until the sixth century AD when it was discovered sealed inside a niche in the city’s walls.

Without hesitation it was hailed as the miraculously created true likeness of Christ and so coveted by the emperors of Byzantium that in 944 a bargain was sealed with Edessa’s Arab masters for the relic’s transfer.

It is easy, however to read the full article on Stephen’s blog by reading his posting, The Shroud of Turin: A gift to our proof-demanding era?

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thank you, Stephen. I know how laborious this can be.


3 thoughts on “A Gift to the Shroud of Turin Blogosphere from Stephen Jones”

  1. Only now has Ian Wilson’s article in the “Catholic Herald” been noticed? Father Francis O’Leary approached him precisely because he read such an article by him in the weekly.

  2. I am not sure if this was IW’s first public writing about the Shroud and I appreciated what he was writing because I myself was writing for a weekly once in a while, but on other topics such as theology, Church history and so forth.
    His article caught the attention of Father Francis O’Leary because of the mattress imprint phenomenon, which was mentioned in at least one of his Shroud books. The good priest was giving it a spiritual connotation, making a connection with the TS, which was not convincing, however how could one bother someone who was involved in a much more important task, that is, trying to raise funds for his Hospice, where poor terminal patients could die with dignity?
    IW and I agreed that the image-formation process in the Imprint and the TS was not the same:

    Click to access can_the_jospice_mattress_imprint.mht_2.pdf

    Part II will be written and posted shortly.
    Success in your research!

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