According to the Catholic San Francisco, the archdiocesan newspaper:

Seventh graders at Holy Name of Jesus School worked with art teacher Babs Kleinhenz to create their interpretations of Jesus in the days before he died, and the Shroud of Turin. The images include free-form depictions of Jesus done in black marker, and the shrouds were created on recycled packaging paper with acrylic paint.

After drawing the images free-hand in pencil, the students traced their pencil drawing and added detail with black marker, Kleinhenz said. The fifth grade made the Stations of the Cross, she said.

“I run around that room being a cheerleader,” said Kleinhenz, who teaches art once a week to each class at the San Francisco K-8 school. “Art is a form of prayer. I think it is more than just a little picture,” she said. Many students at the beginning of the year “have never picked up a pencil,” and most need encouragement. People ask her, “How do you get them to do that?” Kleinhenz said. Her answer: “I harass them. They go places they don’t know they can go. I tell the principal, ’I try to stay out of their way