imageRecently, my wife and I went to an Arlo Guthrie concert at the art center on Hilton Head dedicated to the life and music of Arlo’s father, Woodie. During the concert, Arlo mentioned that he had received an email from a committee trying to organize a 45th anniversary of Woodstock. He wrote back suggesting that a 50th anniversary seemed more meaningful. The organizers wrote back saying they were concerned that most of the entertainers and potential attendees might be dead by then.

We have passed the 25,000 comments mark. I decided not to wait for 100,000 comments so let us toast what we have done so far. The honor for #25,000 goes to Yannick Clément writing about Easter morning in John’s Gospel:

Exactly and this is unfortunate that  John wasn’t more precise about those things. Nevertheless, I have a sense that his text was probably much more precise for the community to which he was speaking… And in the end, the most important thing to understand from this account is the fact that not only did he and Peter found the tomb empty that morning, but also all the burial cloths that were left there without the body. That’s what really matter.