Definition of Inauthentic in Oxford Dictionary

Have you ever looked up ‘inauthentic’  in the Oxford Online Dictionary? Hat tip to John Klotz.


Definition of inauthentic in English:

Syllabification: in·au·then·tic

Pronunciation: /ˌinôˈTHentik


  • 1 not in fact what it is said to be: the Holy Shroud of Turin is thought to have been proved inauthentic by radiocarbon dating


(emphasis mine) At least it’s “is thought to have been” rather than “has been.”

2 thoughts on “Definition of Inauthentic in Oxford Dictionary”

  1. Too funny!… in retrospect… moving to a 2020 vision definition: Shroud of Turin was thought to have been proved inauthentic by radiocarbon dating,,, but now we know its authentic!

  2. Annette,

    The real joke is why I looked it up. I am writing about the authenticity v, inauthenticity and inauthenticity is red-lined, indicating it’s misspelled. As matter of fact, as I type this it is red-lined by whatever program is used by the blog. I thought maybe unauthenticity might be right but it is also red-lined.

    I suppose I am making a mountain over a molehill. I once got a bit perturbed when in a piece I wrote about Roy Cohn, the op-ed editor at Newsday without informing me changed the last sentence to “The truth does not lie in his bones” from “Truth does not lie in his bones.” The addition of the word “the” changed a nuance of it’s meaning in my eyes. It was take on the old expression “he doesn’t have a honest bone on his body”. See

    I am not a fan of the Rosenbergs but I believe they did less damage then Klaus Fuchs whose life the Brits spared. The sentence to death they received from Judge Kaufman was not appropriate under the circumstances. Pope Pius XII urged its commutation.

    The complete last paragraph as emended for my web page is:

    “The Rosenberg controversy has not been interred with
    Roy Cohn. But in pressing their case, the adversaries of Judge
    Kaufman had best not put too much weight on the testimony of Roy
    Cohn. Truth does not lie in his bones.” :

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