imageDavid Goulet wrote:

Each of us has boldly claimed that whether the Shroud is authentic or a fake, that it doesn’t really matter as to what we believe about Christ. Looking at our reactions to each other on this blog at times, I think we’re not being honest with ourselves.

Mattias chimed in:

Great point. Many here DO seem to be clinging to Shroud authenticity to support their faith, despite what they say

And Mike M added:

You are absolutely right. By the same token I have also noticed people clinging to fantasies to support their lack of faith, despite what they say( that they are only interested in scientific proofs and so forth).

And then, too, Louis also added:

No one has noticed that there are bloggers who react to other bloggers depending on how yet other bloggers react?

I wonder this every now and then? I think we should ask ourselves if we are being honest with ourselves and others.