If you receive a message from someone you know that reads:

Please view the document i uploaded for you using Google docs.

Click here just sign in with your email to view the document its very important.

Thank you.

I have received one from Mark Antonacci. Google warns about the message as does Norton 360. I will write to Mark to see if it is real. But I doubt it. I suspect Mark’s email has been compromised.

Here is what Google reports:

"This message could be a scam" warning

About this warning

We’ll show you a warning above any message that looks like a phishing scam but comes from an address in your Gmail contacts list. When a suspicious message like this is sent from an email address of someone on your contact list, it’s possible that the person’s email account was compromised and used without their permission to send a malicious message.

What you can do

Read the message and decide if it seems like it was written by the sender. Consider whether it sounds like the person you know, contains suspicious links or content, or asks you to do unusual things like send money or provide personal details.

I recommend against opening it unless you confirm that it is from Mark. I have removed the link in this posting.