Nice Editor Touch

I call your attention to the latest issue of the BSTS Newsletter and an article, “The Shroud and the Action Man by Hugh Duncan which I discuss in the previous posting, Radiation Man:  A New BSTS Article.

But here, in this posting, I want to call your attention to this nice touch at the end of the article. Thanks, Hugh. I think we can look forward to excellent and creative editing. This is what you will see in the newsletter.


4 thoughts on “Nice Editor Touch”

  1. If it is vertical radiation then it could be counted as another unique characteristic of the Shroud. After all, we have other conflicting information.

    1. I’m not sure I follow. Almost every pro-authenticity Shroud site uses the VP8-Image Analyser pictures as evidence of the veracity of the Shroud. Are you saying this is all just sci-fi?

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