About to Break Breaking News?

imageBy way of a comment to a previous posting, Breaking News? Speculation? Leaks?,  Andrea Nicolotti informs us:

Probably tomorrow morning (4 december) the Archbishop of Turin will announce the new exposition of the Shroud in 2015.

4 thoughts on “About to Break Breaking News?”

  1. I say *probably* tomorrow. But it is not sure… perhaps the day after tomorrow…
    But now it seems an almost sure news. The Pope will be here.
    I have no more informations at the moment, because now here it is 3.15 AM, and all people in Torino is sleeping …..

  2. In this moment the Archbishop of Turin is saying that there will be an exposition of the shroud for 45 days, between April and August 2015. I was right

      1. Dan, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!!! Joking apart, for further informations (they are distributing papers for the press services) I’ll inform you

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